Handmade Reusable Face Masks - Black

Handmade Reusable Face Masks - Black

Non-medical face masks.


Non-medical face masks with elastic ear straps, nose wire and filter pocket.


Photos are of actual fabric. All care has been taken to ensure colour accuracy however, colours may appear different in person.


Holiday fabrics are either 100% cotton or a poly/cotton blend.


Approximate size (measured from cheekbone to cheekbone):
Large: 10 inches

Medium: 8 inches

Small: 6 inches


If you require an alternative size, send us a message and we’ll do our best to make the required adjustments.


  • Our Design

    Day Jammies non-medical face masks are designed to provide a comfortable fit when worn.

    We include a nose wire to ensure a snug fit around the nose, pleats which allow you to adjust the mask between your nose and chin, and we leave our extra-long ear straps untied so you can adjust them to your perfect fit.

  • How to wear your Day Jammies Non-Medical Face Mask

    The mask should be worn above the nose and below the chin. The pleats should be pointing down and opening towards the bottom of the mask. The mask should be worn with the printed fabric facing out and the plain fabric towards your mouth.

    All masks include a built-in filter pocket for you to insert a filter of your choice.

    Filters not available from Day Jammies.

  • Refunds/Exchanges

    No refunds or exchanges available.

  • Shipping

    All Day Jammies products are shipped from Truro, Nova Scotia.


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