Special Orders

Special Orders

Dad's Plaids

- The story behind Dad’s Plaids

In our first month of business, Day Jammies Designs Nova Scotia was approached with a unique request. The request came from a local family seeking to turn previously worn plaid shirts into non-medical facemasks. The shirts belonged to a beloved family member who had passed away several years ago. ‘Grandpa Greggie’ had a series of ‘going to town’ plaid shirts. They were all 2XL, short sleeved, plaid, and imbued with the scent of Listerine and Absorbine Jr, his daily elixirs. As Dad’s Plaids were handed out to the family, there were “lots of tears, lots of stories, and lots of love”. Day Jammies was honoured to have been asked to make masks for everyone in the family.


If you and your family have a similar request, Day Jammies is happy to work with you to create a touching gift of remembrance.


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